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Exact Rewards

Get more as standard when you join Exact Payroll

Rated 4.6/5 Independent Contractor Reviews

Responsive. Compliant. Trusted

As a leading UK Payroll company, Exact is trusted to deliver the payroll solutions of thousands of workers per week.  Whether Umbrella or CIS you can be assured of a complaint, friendly process.

Get more as standard when you join Exact Payroll

With more benefits included than other payroll providers, it’s easy to see why clients choose us. We now offer more than ever before at no extra cost. These services are all in addition to our great customer care, 24/7 online platform and more.

Cashback cards, shopping vouchers and fuel savings of up to 20p per litre. Personal accident cover up to £500 per week and inclusive training opportunities, just some of the extras as standard when you join us.

Exact rewards

Discounts and deals for high street and online retailers. Choose from hundreds of stores including the leading supermarkets.

Fuel card rewards

Access savings of up to 20p per litre when you refuel at BP fuelling stations; now with one week net credit terms.  Ideal for contractors and those who regularly travel.

Personal accident cover

Claim between £300 and £500 per week if you can’t work due to a personal injury - providing security and peace of mind.

Online GP advice

Have 24/7 online access to a GP via video call or telephone with access to online prescriptions.

Mortgage advice

Tailored mortgage advice and guidance for residential, commercial and buy to let property investments from our mortgage partner.

Utilities services 

Save on A-Rated gas boiler installations, mobile phone bills, new mobile handsets, broadband and more.

Tax rebate service

External review options for your previous tax returns to ensure you paid the correct amount of tax and to reclaim any overpay.

Training opportunities

Our plus programme offers access to our training partner, providing you with free training to move your career forward.

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